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Office Workspace Helena, Montana

Members Only

Welcome Warrior!

Spend some quality time with us. Heck, move in!

Here's the page where you will find all the things you need to start working at The Virago Collaborative.

As always, if you have questions, ideas for the space or other information you'd like, please let us know. Seriously, don't be shy, that's not how to get what you want!

We will get back to you in a jiffy!



The sixth ward is fast becoming the hottest place to be! But there is plenty of space for you!

During peak times sometimes parking might seem more complicated than at other times, but it is always free (for now)! There are only a couple of don'ts around here. Please don't park in the spots reserved for our neighbors. There are a couple of spots being reserved for the technology company next door and you will see their signs indicating so on their building in front of the spots. Also, please do not park in the Slate Architecture Parking Lot on Roberts. 

Otherwise, your options include street parking in front of Virago, across the street from Virago and around the park at the intersection of Roberts Street and Helena Avenue.

Key System

Who needs keys when we have smartphones?! 

As a member, you have 24/7 access to the space. Your smartphone will get you in the doors. Upon purchase of a membership or desk rental, you will receive an invitation from our locking software (PDK) with your access code to add The Virago Collaborative to your app. unlocking the door. Please open this and follow the instructions as the code expires in 24 hours. If you miss that window, simply email us at and we will get you a new one!

Now get that smartphone out. In the app store, you want to download the PDK Touch App. See that orange picture with the finger? That one.  Once you open the app and enter your code, you will The Virago Collaborative listed in your app. Then once you are at our door, you simply open the app, and press and hold the "The Virago Co" while having your phone near the door lock sensor to the right of the door handle. 

If you want to have one of us here on your first day, just let us know! And if you run into trouble send us a quick note or call a boss and we can get you in the door remotely.

How's that for efficient?!

Screen Shot 2021-01-03 at 1.13.57 AM.png

Security System

While Helena and the Sixth Ward are extremely safe, full of great neighbors and great to be around no matter the hour, no business is free from prying eyes. So we , like most businesses, have a security system to keep us and your things safe after hours. We are hoping to make this process smoother for you in the near future, but we do need your help with the Security Panel in the meantime. Keep in mind, you are only responsible for this if you are the first person in or the last person out.

The panel is on the left-hand wall as you enter the space. It should be beeping at you as you arrive. You have one minute to disarm the alarm or it does call Helena Police. Simply set your things down and step up to the panel. From there, open the panel and enter the code and select "Stay" when entering.



This code may change periodically to avoid security conflicts, but we will notify you with an email and update the number here when it does.

When leaving, make sure you have all of your items in your vehicle or in your grasp, since you will only have 60 seconds to leave once you arm the system. (Make sure to turn off lights in the kitchen area first!) When you approach the system, enter the code and press and hold away for a full 5 seconds. You will hear an initial beep but keep holding it down. Once you hear the bigger beep and the system turns red and says it is ready to arm, that is your notice that 60 seconds has started.

If you forgot something, simply reenter the code and select stay to disarm.

Nervous? Don't be! We know you've managed harder tasks than this! We will get a video up here soon for those who like that sort of thing. Also, we can walk you through it if you want. Just don't be shy!


First things first, you need the driver software. See that link over there? The one with the staple and the words Kyocera Driver Software, yep that one. Click on it.

Next, open the folder labeled "en". Then scroll all the way to the bottom. Third, from the bottom, you will see the Setup wizard. You want the one with the webpage image to the left and that says the application to the right. It's 53 KB. Click on that and download and follow the prompts that follow.

That should be it. But if you have trouble, make sure to let us know!

We will work on a video tutorial for this and use of the machine soon!


At The Virago Collaborative, we scan to a folder. Unfortunately, the copier software isn't keeping up with the extra security that email systems are enacting (like gmail's 2-factor authorization, etc). Hopefully, it will catch up soon, but in the meantime, here's the instructions to set up a scan folder if you want/need it! (As always, if you want help, just let us know and we can be your personal geek squad, just don't call us that!

Head to Congratulations you now have access to the management software for our device. The Admin login is super high tech (not at all). Simply enter "Admin" and "Admin" for the user name and password.

Click on "Function Settings" in the left-hand column menu. From there, select, "DSM Scan". You will need your IP address now. Go to your software or program search bar and enter "CMD" this will bring up the Command Prop system. Open that, and enter "ipconfig" and your computer will spit out your IP Address.

If any of this loses you, don't worry, we hardly know what we are saying ourselves. Just let us know and we will schedule a time to come help you load it all onto your machine and/or call the pros in to help!

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