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Free Grant Money Available!

At Virago Collaborative, we love to help businesses find helpful information to grow their businesses and make more money! Our friend, Michelle Robinson, sent us this info last week and we know you need this! Hurry and find some trainings or certifications to better your business now, because IWT wants to help fund it!

HOW TO APPLY FOR THE FREE GRANT MONEY: Below is a message from Michelle and how to apply for the grant! (must have been in business 1 year or more to qualify.) Greetings from the Montana Department of Labor & Industry’s Incumbent Worker Training (IWT) program. We have approximately 3 weeks remaining for the fiscal year, FY 21, IWT, funding opportunity. Access to the funding platform will end on close of business June 20th . We will launch the new fiscal year, FY 22, on July 1st. Please join me in encouraging local, eligible, businesses to apply for funding to help finish out this fiscal year. There is still ample funding available! Key things to keep in mind:

  • Training must START before June 30, 2021.

  • Training can end up to a year from the start date, but cannot exceed a calendar year (364 days).

  • This means they can start in this fiscal year and end in the next fiscal year. The important thing is to have a start date before June 30th.

  • We request a 20-day lead on application submissions so timing is everything.

  • Refer folks to to view the guidelines and instructional videos.

  • Any training that starts July 1 or after, must be applied for in the next fiscal year funding cycle (FY22)

  • Applications may NOT be remitted in FY21 for FY22 – this is a common question.

  • Reassure prospective applicants the funding cycle is one of a few that is open nearly year-round so we recommend folks look for training with dates starting after July 21 (to ensure they stay in the recommended submission timeframe).

If you get questions you don’t know the answers to, please feel free to refer folks to me. Email is the easiest communication tool. I can arrange times to call applicants who need a little extra reassurance. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. I’m here to help,

Michelle Robinson IWT & Federal Bonding Program Manger Montana Department of Labor & Industry Incumbent Worker Training Program Federal Bonding DON'T WAIT! APPLY FOR FREE GRANT MONEY TODAY!

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