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Virago Collaborative


Hey all, I'm Stacey, owner, and coach behind PLucK! Coaching where I help you make success easier.


I have worked for decades in politics and governing, guiding Montanans at the top of their game to take their work even further, preferably with a few fewer bumps and headaches along the way.


Now, I'm available to you as you grow your business or transition to the next level in your career and work with you to simplify everything on your plate. We will talk, we will laugh, we might cry, whatever you need to break down all those hopes and dreams and turn them into tangible growth opportunities and new habits to build so you can get started in your new life, right away.


I am also co-owner of the fabulous @theviragocollaborative in the sixth ward of Helena, a female-focused co-working space where we help grow your business through purposeful networking, connections, and you guessed it, collaboration! Join our fabulous girl gang (cool boys also allowed) and see where we can go from here, together!


I have an amazing husband, Odie, two crazy girls, Ainsley and Berkley, and my parents who help us keep it all together (thanks Mom & Dad!). I spend my time chasing my dog Motley or hanging with my cat, Mr. Weasley.


When I'm not helping the awesome people around me do awesome things, you'll find me out on the ski hill, the golf course, camping, at home improvement stores, or with a good book or jigsaw puzzle.


I'm so excited you're here, and can't wait to meet you if we haven't yet either here or IRL, so don't be shy!

Virago Collaborative


I am both excited and honored to help you and your family reduce your exposure to everyday toxins one step at a time and also provide a little entertainment along the way. I recognize that navigating this path towards cleaner living can be incredibly overwhelming, so I am here with the goal to make it more manageable for you, find that balance between safer and sanity, and know your next steps.​


My mission is to help guide you on your path to clean living one step at a time. So, let’s get to it!

Virago Collaborative


I like to call myself a social marketing extraordinaire and project manager. I am a detail-driven perfectionist, who brings effective marketing strategies to the table for local businesses and established businesses.


I have a background in Social Work, Policy, and Grassroots Organizing. I have helped nonprofits gain confidence with their marketing and ads through strategy, brand development, and implementation.


When I get time away from work, I'm probably hosting a dinner party, hiking with my pup, crafting, or on the golf course.

Virago Collaborative


As the Marketing and Community Development Manager for the Montana Governor’s Office of Economic Development and Indian Affairs and the Event Curator for the Innovate Montana Symposium, I have had the incredible opportunity to work with entrepreneurs and business leaders at every level. Following a five year long solopreneur venture in digital marketing and strategic public relations, I was elated to join Governor Bullock’s Administration and work alongside an active team for the remainder of his tenure.


I am thrilled to call Helena home and love seeing the new entrepreneurial activity happening in the city. I serve on the boards of four community-centered organizations: Powerhouse Montana, Montana Young Professionals, Helena Young Professionals, and the HATCH experience, all have brought passion and joy into my life. You can find me most weekends lakeside or on the slopes with my husband, Nick, and our two little spitfires, Sophia and Cruz. 


Looking forward to connecting with you and all your badassary.

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