The Virago Collaborative is a female-led coworking community. 

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Tired of not having a workspace to call your own? 

• Kids in your space blocking your focus?

• Covid keeping you cooped up?

• Working at home alone got you down? 


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Our Co-Working space is gorgeous, clean, safe and ready to host you! We are located in the 6th Ward in Helena's Historic Midtowne. Book a tour or join our community today!

Memberships that meet the needs of your business

Virago Community

 $150 Yearly

Virago Communty +

• Networking Groups

• Discounts & Perks

 Free Business Marketing

Single Full-Time

$325 Monthly

Dedicated Single Space

• Dedicated Space for you

• Vrago Community Events

 Free Business Marketing

• So much more!

Business Full-Time

$550 Monthly

Dedicated Business Space

• Dedicated Space for your team

• Vrago Community Events

 Free Business Marketing

 Mailing Address

• So much more!

Stop feeling frustrated and get working!

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"5 Reasons Coworking Spaces

Are Great For Growing Your Business"